4th International Lightning Protection Symposium

The 4th International Conference on Lightning Protection be held in Shenzhen China October 25th to 26th. The International Conference on Lightning Protection is held for the first time in China. The lightning protection practitioners in China can be local. Participating in world-class professional academic events and meeting with dozens of authoritative scholars around the world is an important opportunity for China’s defense mine enterprises to explore their technological direction and corporate development path.

The  conference   focused  on lightning protection innovation technology and intelligent lightning protection, focusing on the design, experience and practice of lightning protection; research progress  in  lightning physics;  laboratory simulation  of lightning strikes, natural lightning strikes, manual lightning; lightning protection standards; SPD technology; Intelligent lightning protection technology;   lightning  detection  and early warning; lightning protection grounding technology and academic and technical issues related to lightning disaster prevention report and discussion.

This International Symposium on Lightning Protection is the first time that ILPS has been held in China. Chinese practitioners of lightning protection can participate in world-class professional academic conferences in the local area and have face-to-face exchanges with dozens of authoritative scholars around the world. An important opportunity for the development path.

It is understood that the two-day seminar has more than 30 high-level academic and engineering technical reports, as well as on-site interactive dialogues. The content almost covers the current major topics of lightning protection research and application, and will also involve domestic lightning protection in recent years. Hot issues such as multi-pulse test standards, SPD backup protection, intelligent lightning protection, and isolated grounding are of great concern to the industry.

Previously, nearly a hundred industry issues collected by the conference affairs team through the Internet and telephone will also be presented at the seminar.


Post time: Jan-22-2021