Which specific items of lightning protection detection?

Which specific items of lightning protection detection?


1. Connect to the flash detector

The lightning receiver keeps the lightning rod, tape, net, wire and metal, which is an important lightning protection equipment, so the lightning receiver will be detected when the building is tested for lightning protection. Usually, the rolling ball method is used to calculate the protection range of the lightning rod and lightning rod, and the grid method is used to determine the protection range of the lightning belt and the net and detect the grid size and the way of laying, the connection between the lightning belt and the lead line is closed or not.

2. Check the grounding resistance

Grounding resistance can effectively introduce lightning into the ground to avoid electrization of buildings and damage to equipment and human body. Therefore, reputable lightning protection testing companies will test the grounding resistance of buildings, understand the layout of grounding devices, check the materials and specifications of grounding devices, and then judge the service life of grounding devices according to these testing data. If the grounding device is used for a long time or materials with poor corrosion resistance are selected, a section of the grounding device will be selectively dug up during lightning protection detection, and more reasonable treatment measures will be taken according to the corrosion degree of the material.

3. Conduct lightning protection detection on buildings

Building lightning protection detection is a very necessary safety protection measure, because the quality of reliable lightning protection equipment for the whole building and the occupants will play a good protective role, so in the delivery of lightning protection detection, and use a certain period of time should also go through effective lightning detection, to ensure that the lightning arrester and grounding equipment can be used normally.

4. Check the working status of the SPD

In the process of lightning protection detection will also check the working state of the lightning protection device, mainly detect the power module and lightning protection box, lightning protection socket and so on, in addition to the detection of lightning protection cable and grounding wire, to see the overall working situation of the lightning protection device.


Post time: Jan-06-2023